Visit our Affiliation Store Fronts with VetriScience and VetCentric:

VetriScience: the original Perna - glucosamine company, VetriScience makes and sells Glycoflex for pets and horses. 

Glycoflex is one of the top recommended supplements by veterinarians for good joint health and for the lubrication of arthritic joints.

If you are not a vet, you will need the following to use their site:
(User name = fox )
(Password = pets75)

VetCentric: The number one online veterinary pharmacy used by vets to offer prescription items to their clients. 

But now, VetCentric also offers non prescription items like FrontLine and Advantage, CapStar and many more pet products used by most pet owners, and you can access their site and help our shelter at the same time by going  through the store front they gave us which we called:
Prices on some items may not be competitive, so compare first.

Our No Kill Shelter Fund Raising Page

Our affiliation with VetCentric
Our affiliation with VetriScience

Donating over the Internet using PayPal

I wrote this web site and continue to add and edit partly to share my love of my profession with you and to promote better care of pets.

But I was also hoping to raise a lot of commissions for our no kill shelter by placing banner ads on every page and by having "store fronts" on my pages that sent you to on line stores selling pet supplies.  This effort was pretty much a failure.

After years of trying different internet money raising ideas for our shelter, I've pretty much given up on trying to sell stuff... I'm a busy veterinarian and don't have the time to manage an internet store...nor can I compete, price wise with sites like PetMeds.

We tried an Ebay store where we sold hand made pet clothes and other unique craft items donated by several of my clients eager to help but that wasn't very successful either.

We continue to have a store front association with VetCentric... a major on line veterinary pharmacy that also sells lots of non prescription veterinary items in competition with Pet Meds and so forth.
Click on this link to check out this reputable company. If you buy something from them our shelter gets a commission.  Thanks.

But we have been moderately successful simply asking for a small donation.  People have been very generous.

I'm frequently and pleasantly surprised how many people simply drop in $5-20 in our shelter donation boxes which are placed in various local businesses in our town.

We now have a PayPal internet account where you can donate over the internet using a credit card or your PayPal account.  Simply click on the donate button below.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Our shelter finds homes for several hundred pets a year and everything is done by volunteers.  All our shelter financial information, our policies, and our goals are written about on our web site at

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