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Introduction to metabolic diseases.

A healthy body requires that all the organs in the body are working well and working in harmony.  The spleen, the gall bladder, the liver, the pancreas, the adrenal glands, the bone marrow, the thyroid glands ... and so forth ... all have important metabolic jobs.

Any of these organs can become dysfunctional or diseased. And that's the subject of the following pages:

Cushing's Disease


Heat Stroke     

Liver Disease    

Pancreatic Diseases
Kidney Disease    

Diseases of the Spleen
Bone Marrow Diseases

Immune Mediated Disease
Gastro-Intestinal Disease 
Sex Hormone Diseases

Addison's Disease

Obesity: new information and a new, successful treatment

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Clients who think cats trigger asthma in children might be mistaken

I thought this was interesting: 

A study funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences found that high levels of cat allergen decrease the risk of asthma
by altering the body's immune response to cats.  Researchers measured the levels of antibodies in children and found that although low-to-medium amounts of cat allergen trigger allergies, high amounts reduce immunoglobulin antibodies and the likelihood of asthma.

For more information, visit

For more information about asthma and other respiratory diseases in pets; go to our Respiratory Page

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Something Unrelated to Metabolic Disease
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The Treatment and Discussion Of
Metabolic, Hormonal, Immune Mediated, Liver,and Other Diseases in Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets

Introduction to
Metabolic Diseases

Metabolism is the magic and wonder of what goes on inside our organs and their cells. 

Each organ ... the kidneys, the liver, the pancreas, the spleen, the adrenal glands, the sex organs, the gall bladder, the thyroid  glands, the bone marrow, and
the immune system ... all have special functions in the body.

And when these organs get out of whack all kinds of things start going wrong in the body ...  often one thing after another ... because as you might imagine, every function is inter-related.

In the study of medicine, we tend to study one organ system at a time for ease of understanding, but when one organ stops doing it's job well for whatever reason, you can be sure the rest of the body will be affected.  Sometimes we forget this.  

That said, it IS easier to discuss each organ disease separately, so this page is:

1.  A directory to other pages discussing particular problems.
The list of links to our pages about each metabolic problems is at your left, below, and also at the top of this page.

2.  A discussion about laboratory testing... our number one tool for detecting and monitoring metabolic diseases

3.  Some humor and some great pictures towards the bottom of the page

A Directory of Metabolic Diseases:

Addison's disease or Hypoadrenalcorticism: one of the many major diseases that make your pet nauseated, weak, and lethargic.  It's a treatable disease, but your vet won't know your pet has this disease unless you permit him or her to do some blood work.  Click here to go to our page about Addison's disease.

Cushing's disease or Hyperadrenalcorticism:  a hormonal disease that causes skin problems, bloat, excessive appetite, inability to fight off infections, muscle weakness, and excessive drinking and urination.  Cushing's patients often also have diabetes and other problems a the same time.  Once again, blood work is needed to make the diagnosis.  Click here to go to our page about Cushing's disease.

Hyperthyroid disease:  a common disease of older cats causing weight loss despite a good appetite at first progressing to no appetite, nausea, weakness, and lethargy. Guess what? This is a disease we detect using blood work.   Click here to go to our page about feline hyperthyroidism

Hypothyroid disease: a common disease of middle aged and older dogs causing skin problems, weight problems, poor healing, and general health problems.  Easy to diagnose with bloodwork.  Click here to go to our page about hypothyroidism.

Liver disease:  Very common in both cats and dogs as either a primary problem or in combination with other problems.  In other words, the liver is almost always affected in the negative by other diseases.  Medications and anesthetics also affect the liver.  And when the liver is sick, typical symptoms include weight loss, no appetite, nausea, poor digestion, poor general health,  and lethargy.  Yes, blood work is our main diagnostic tool.  Click here to go to our page about liver disease in dogs and cats.

Pancreatic Diseases:  The pancreas are responsible for making insulin.  Other cells in the pancreas make enzymes that aid in digestion.  When the pancreas doesn't do it's job well, this results in either diabetes or pancreatic insufficiency.  Infection or inflammation of the pancreas ... a very common problem ... results in pancreatitis.   Cancer of the pancreas is luckily much less common, but pancreatic cancer is very serious.  Click here for details about pancreatitis and pancreatic insufficiency.  For diabetes ... see below.

Diabetes: Common in both cats and dogs.
Click here to go to our page about what to expect when your pet has diabetes: 

Heat Stroke and Body Temperature Problems: Pretty important stuff when you think about it. 
Click here for more information.

Kidney Disease:  The number one cause of death in older cats and dogs. (number 2 in humans)
Click here to go to our Kidney Disease Page

Anemia: The bones do more than just support your body.  They're also metabolic factories that make red blood cells for carrying oxygen as well as white blood cells needed for fighting infections.     Anemia and other Bone Marrow Diseases:

Immune Symtem Diseases ... coming soon

Sex Hormone and Growth Hormone Disease: ...coming soon

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All metabolic organs working in harmony here